Donations help us work to End Hunger and Nourish Hope for those in need. Whatever amount you believe is appropriate and are able to contribute will be greatly appreciated. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss donation options at or (352) 628-3663. Thank you for your kind donation.

Text to Donate

Monetary Donation Options

$10 equals 100 meals
  • Donate With Phone Call

    Donations can be made over the phone at (352) 628-3663.

  • Donate With Matching Gifts

    Many corporations offer matching gift programs which encourage employees to make charitable contributions and the company matches the gift up to a specific amount. Please contact your employer to get a “Matching Gift” form.

  • Donate Stocks / Securities

    Gift stock securities and other securities at their full face value and avoid paying Capital Gains taxes.

  • Donate Monthly

    If you are interested in making a regular contribution each month and would like to use automatic funds withdrawal from your checking or savings account, please contact our office at (352) 628-3663 and we can make the necessary form available to you or use our online donation form.

  • Donate With Planned Gift

    Long term Financial Planning can be used to arrange and plan for a Donation further out in time.

  • Donate to Honor a Special Person or as a Memorial

    Special events for loved ones such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Memorials, etc. is another way to honor someone you care about with a donation in their name to help those in need. Just add a note to your donation to identify who you are recognizing and we will be happy to send a Thank You card for the contribution in their name.

Food Donations

Food Drive
  • Make a Difference

    Donations of food to the Community Food Bank are very important as well. Whether you are an individual, group organization, or business, you can make a difference and help us help those in need.

    Please contact the Community Food Bank if you would like to donate food items and we will be happy to accept the donation.

  • Donation Drop-off

    When you are ready to drop off your donation with us, please contact us to arrange a time so we can make sure someone is available to receive the food. The best times to schedule an appointment for drop off is Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

    All food donations are welcome and tax deductible. The most common items needed are:

    • Canned Tuna, Meats, Soups, & Vegetables
    • Mac and Cheese
    • Rice
    • Pasta Sauce
    • Peanut Butter & Jelly
    • Cereal
    • Dried Beans
    • Mashed Potatoes
    • Powdered Milk
  • Walmart - Shop Online

    Thanks to the Walmart Spark Good program, you can donate items from our registry & have the items shipped straight to us.

  • Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Restaurants, Farmers, and other Food Industry Businesses

    Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Restaurants, Farmers and other food industry businesses are also encouraged to consider donating surplus products to the Community Food Bank. Acceptable items are fresh produce, refrigerated items, frozen foods including meats, bakery items, personal care products and bulk packaged products, as well as dry canned goods. Community Food Bank will make arrangements for pick-up and transportation of the donated food. Items to consider for donation include any surplus inventory or production products, discontinued products, products with cosmetic errors, promotional or seasonal items, new products, products that are near code dates, bulk and foodservice sized products, etc.

    Please contact us for information and specific guidelines regarding corporate food donations to the Community Food Bank.