Planned Giving and Legacy Gifts

Nourish With a Legacy of Hope

  • Want to take your contributions a step further?

    Planned Giving allows you to make more strategic contributions to the Community Food Bank (CFB) throughout your lifetime.

  • How do you want to be remembered?

    Legacy Gifts ensure your memory and generosity live on in the lives of the individuals and families you touch.

Feed Bellies, Fuel Souls

Here are some of the ways you can give:

  • One-Time Gift

    One-time gifts can be part of your Planned Giving and/or Legacy Giving plan. You can make a one-time lump sum financial gift to the CFB in your name. You can either designate your gift for a specific need (i.e., holiday meals to feed families in need, etc.) or make it unrestricted, thus allowing the CFB to utilize the money in the area of greatest need.

  • Monthly Gift

    A monthly gift to the CFB offers another way you can be remembered. Your monthly gift can be part of your Planned Giving and/or Legacy Giving plan. As with the one-time gift, you may designate your monthly gift for a specific purpose or make an unrestricted monthly gift to allow the CFB to utilize the money where it’s needed most.

  • Charitable Bequest

    You may choose to be remembered through a charitable bequest to the CFB, where the CFB is named as a beneficiary of your estate. There are different types of bequests that can be made to charitable organizations, and each carry tax benefits.

  • Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)

    Donor-advised funds are generally established as a third-party non-profit or organization. A DAF allows your assets to be professionally managed over time and then distributed. DAFs are commonly used for larger gifts of cash, securities, and other assets. The “gifts” are placed into an account and allow the donor to take advantage of certain tax benefits right away.

  • Life Insurance

    You can choose to name the CFB as a beneficiary on any life insurance policy. This is not only an excellent way to be remembered, but it also comes with certain tax benefits as well.

  • Property

    You can choose to donate property and assets including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and even cryptocurrency to the CFB. Each come with their own tax benefits. Property donations can be made any time while you are living and/or be made as part of your Legacy Giving plan.

Want to learn more about Planned Giving and/or how you can be remembered through a Legacy Gift to the CFB?

If so, then our CEO/Executive Director welcomes the opportunity to meet with you. Please contact Barbara Sprague to schedule a time to talk about the options available and what might work best for you. When you make a gift to the Community Food Bank, you will be recognized and honored in a special way. If you prefer to make your gift anonymous, your wishes will be respected.

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