Want to Be a Social Media Superstar

Volunteer Virtually

Let us help you become a Social Media Superstar! Check out this exciting and fun opportunity to earn volunteer hours AND increase your own social media status …all while helping spread awareness about the Community Food Bank (CFB).

Want to Be a Social Media Superstar?

You can become one of our Social Media Stars by using your social media talents to help spread the word about how to End Hunger and Nourish Hope throughout our community. Best of all, there is no formal training or orientation required!

Here’s how it Works

  1. Sign up as a Social Media Star here.
  2. Log in to your Facebook account.
  3. Follow the CFB Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Feed352
  4. Interact with the CFB and help our posts go viral.
  5. Earn one (1) hour of volunteer credit for every five (5) tasks you complete.
  6. Complete as many tasks as you want! Once you complete a minimum of five (5) tasks, e-mail officemanager@feed352.org a list of your interactions and we will sign off on your volunteer hour(s).
  7. Once you complete 25 tasks, you will be elevated from Social Media Star to Social Media Superstar. We will post your photo and links to your social media accounts (optional) on the Social Media Superstar page of our website AND share it on our social media.

Be sure to include #feed352 on every post!


Here are some ideas of tasks you could complete. Feel free to use these or come up with some of your own!

  1. Create a post introducing yourself as a CFB Social Media Star.
  2. Comment on a CFB social media post and share it with your friends.
  3. Use a graphic and share some CFB / hunger facts and stats (See Media Kit below.)
  4. Share a story about how you or someone you care about has benefited from one of our partner agencies (https://feed352.org/food-agencies/)
  5. Encourage your friends to share CFB posts, volunteer, donate, start a food drive, or get involved in some way to help the CFB fight hunger throughout our community.
  6. Post a creative video of you and your friends encouraging people to help the CFB fight hunger throughout our community.

You can also post videos to YouTube and TikTok! Don’t be afraid to show off – the more interesting and creative, the better.  We’ll be looking for your posts!

Media Kit

Use any of these images in your social media posts.