Community Food Bank Issues Matching Donation Challenge

Community Food Bank Issues Matching Donation Challenge

Black Diamond Foundation Steps Up Again to Help Fund the Staggering Need for Food Assistance

The Community Food Bank (CFB) announces an opportunity for donors to double their contributions. The Black Diamond Foundation will match up to $50,000 of all donations made to the CFB from now until August 31st. Each $10 donation equates to 100 meals.

“We continue to scale our operations and seek out food to meet the tremendous need,” explains Barbara Sprague, CEO/Executive Director of the CFB. “Our mission is to End Hunger and Nourish Hope, which means making sure everyone who is hungry has access to nourishing food assistance.”

The CFB is the regional “hub” for food pantries, FEMA disaster response, the USDA, and other non-profit service agencies that provide food to individuals throughout Citrus and Hernando Counties.

  • Two (2) 7,000 square foot warehouses with walk-in cooler space to safely receive, store, and distribute food.
  • Three (3) forklifts.
  • A fleet of six (6) vehicles for food pick-ups and distribution (four refrigerated trucks, one van, and one pick-up truck.)
  • A minimal staff of nine (9) people – most specialized training, CDLs, and forklift operator certification – to pick-up, sort, deliver, and make sure the food gets to where it needs to go.

According to Sprague, it costs $123,710/month for the CFB to deliver its services. The CFB’s wide distribution across Citrus County allows everyone in Citrus County who needs food assistance to have access to it.

“We have a waiting list of agencies wanting to start programs,” says Sprague. “On average, our partnering agencies are able to provide their clients with free food relief for less than $.54/per pound. Compare that to budget-breaking retail prices which can be upwards of *$2.28 per pound and you can see the true impact we are making with services in our local communities.”

The CFB has responded to tremendous need for food assistance that has more than doubled over the past several years. The agency served approximately 26,000 individuals in 2019. It now provides food for more than 70,000 each month.

Would you like to positively impact the lives of thousands of individuals throughout Citrus County? Donate to the CFB by August 31st and it will be matched dollar for dollar, thus doubling the difference you make. 

Visit our donate page to learn more about becoming one of the CFB’s Hunger Heroes.

*According to, the average cost per person for groceries is $415.53/month. This equals roughly $2.28/per pound.