Volunteer Spotlight – Bethany Wilcox

Meet Bethany!

Bethany Wilcox

Warehouse Food Sorter

Bethany Wilcox has been volunteering at the Community Food Bank (CFB) for more than a year.  Bethany serves as a warehouse food sorter, helping make sure the food is prepped and ready to distribute to the 53 food pantries, ministries, shelters and soup kitchens we serve.

When she is not volunteering at the CFB, Bethany takes classes online and loves to draw and read in her spare time.  One interesting fact about Bethany is that she has actually been bitten by a snake!  Fortunately, that has not kept her from adopting several unique and interesting pets.  She has a dog named Jasper, a beta fish and four lizards – Berry (a bearded dragon), Killer (a tokay gecko), and Curry and Squirt (leopard geckos.)

Bethany loves what she does and is passionate about helping the community.  We are fortunate to have such a dedicated young volunteer committed to helping us fulfill our mission.  Thank you, Bethany!